2019 Mazda CX-5 Accessories

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2019 Mazda CX-5You’ve got your new Mazda CX-5 (or are planning on it right now), but you regularly take Fido to the vet in Bloomington or haul the kids’ dirty soccer gear home after the game in Springfield. Now is the time to find the 2019 Mazda CX-5 accessories that enhance your crossover and transform it into the exact vehicle you need. Sam Leman Mazda has genuine OEM Mazda parts and accessories that you can trust will fit your CX-5 as intended.

CX-5 Technology Accessories

Looking to enhance the features that came on your Mazda? The popular Mazda CX-5 remote start accessory lets you stay warm and dry as your vehicle warms up for you, with just the push of a button. The CX-5 remote start is just one of the many tech features you can use to personalize your crossover, including:

  • Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror with HomeLink®
  • Mazda Mobile Start
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • Mazda Navigation System

Mazda CX-5 Roof Racks

One of the most popular 2019 Mazda CX-5 accessories for any driver, adding on a roof rack expands the storage capacity beyond the cargo area. Roof rails are just the start; you can get your crossover ready for anything with these Mazda CX-5 roof rack accessories:

  • Mazda CX-5 Roof Rack: The standard roof rack starts with roof rails and features cross bars for added support. Roof rails and cross bars are sold separately, and all attachments require cross bars for mounting.
  • Cargo Box Roof Rack: Whether you’ve just got some extra gear or you need all of the CX-5 seats filled and your passengers are packed for a long haul, the cargo box roof rack attachment is what you need, adding 13 cubic feet of extra storage.
  • Bike Carrier Roof Rack: Sometimes your Mazda simply takes you to where the adventure is while you head the rest of the way on your trusty bike. This Mazda CX-5 roof rack attachment is built to secure your bike and detach it easily when you’ve arrived where you need to be. Each bike carrier secures one bike.
  • Universal Flat Top Cargo Rack: Planning to hit the slopes? The universal flat top cargo rack is ready for skis (6 pairs), snowboards (4 boards), or both, letting you load up for your trip to Chestnut Mountain Resort in Galena.
  • Thule Board Shuttle Roof Rack: Making a road trip to the coast? This board shuttle secures up to two boards (long or short) until you’re ready to hit the waves.

CX-5 Exterior Accessories

Protect your new CX-5 in the rain, sleet, or snow. Help enhance your towing capabilities. The CX-5 exterior accessories open up new doors:

  • Roof Rails
  • Car Covers
  • Fog Lights
  • Splash Guards
  • Rear Bumper Guard
  • Trailer Hitch (Class 1)

CX-5 Interior Accessories

Comfort, convenience, style: there’s an enhancement that fits your daily Springfield drive in the Mazda CX-5 interior accessories:

  • Seat Covers
  • Alloy Pedals
  • Cargo Tray
  • Cargo Net
  • Retractable Cargo Cover
  • Doorsill Trim Plates
  • All-Weather Floor Mats

Mazda CX-5 Interior Accessories

Mazda CX-5 Accessories: Aftermarket vs. OEM

We’ve highlighted some of the 2019 Mazda CX-5 accessories here, but we want to be clear that these are the OEM accessories. While drivers might find some low prices on aftermarket accessories, you generally get what you pay for. Genuine Mazda CX-5 cargo covers and cargo trays fit the interior dimensions of your cargo area just right.

Anything created by Mazda for your Mazda is designed to fit it as if it were installed at the factory — and our team can install it. But aftermarket parts often require drivers to cut to fit, find extra cables, or make do with loose connections; they are also often made of lower quality materials while Mazda parts and accessories include a warranty.

Shop All Model Year CX-5 Accessories

Looking for 2016 Mazda CX-5 accessories? A cargo tray that fits your 2017 CX-5? As a Bloomington Mazda dealer, we have an extensive selection of CX-5 accessories to fit recent models. You can also find Mazda Miata accessories and more!

Shop Genuine Mazda Accessories at Sam Leman Mazda in Bloomington!

If you’re shopping for Mazda CX-5 accessories, look no further than Sam Leman Mazda. While we stock the latest model year accessories. We have genuine parts and accessories designed for your Mazda SUV, and we’re happy to install them for you. Contact us today to learn more about the Mazda CX-5, including the Mazda CX-5 interior dimensions, its available i-ACTIV AWD® system, or how it fares against competitors like the Honda CR-V or Nissan Rogue!

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