How To Buy a Car In Another State

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So you’ve searched online and finally found the car you’ve been looking for. But it’s at a dealership in another state. You might be wondering, “Can I buy a car out of state? Is that even allowed?”

Not only is buying a car out of state allowed, but we’ve had several customers travel to the Normal area from out of state just to buy a car at Sam Leman Mazda. Buying a car in another state is not as difficult as you might think. So, we’ve put together the guide below on how to buy a car in another state. 

Can I Buy a Car Out of State?

Buying a car out of state is really just a matter of filing the right paperwork. We’ll be happy to help, even if you don’t live anywhere near the Springfield area. But there may be forms that are specific to your state that we don’t provide. So, check with your DMV about any paperwork that may be required when buying a car in another state.

Can I Buy a Car Out of State & Register It In the State of Purchase?

It might seem tempting to simplify matters and just register the car in the state it was bought. But, most states require their residents to register their vehicles with their DMV within a specific period of time, even when buying a car in another state. Most states also post these requirements on their websites.

How To Buy a Car In Another State – Step by Step

Buying a car in another state usually follows a similar process from state to state, though the specific forms are often different. Follow these steps:

How to Buy a Car in Another State

  1. Find your local DMV. You can Google it or use a site like this one.
  2. Bring the required documentation. This usually includes the bill of sale, completed application for vehicle transaction form, the title of the vehicle signed by the previous owner, the appropriate tax form for your state, registration fees, proof of insurance, and proof of residency.
  3. Tell the DMV clerk that you bought the car in another state with the intention of registering it in your state.
  4. You may have to pay the difference between sales tax in your state and the state in which you bought your car.
  5. Wait for the new title to arrive in the mail.

Sam Leman Mazda is Here to Help

We have a great selection of new Mazda automobiles, and we’d be happy to help you get behind the wheel of one, no matter which state you live in. If you find this guide to be helpful, check out our other car buying tips. We’re just down the road from and Morton so drop by in Bloomington or contact us today.

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